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We are the one-stop location for everything you will need to complete the incubator, garden, poultry farm

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MyKit Shop is a trusted enterprise that seeks to improve skills and productivity amongst farmers, students and young entrepreneurs in Ghana, Togo and beyond. We supply quality products that are scarce and easy to install. We also offer the platform where individuals share ideas and even showcase their creativity. Over the years, Mykit Shop has made it possible for individuals and groups to easily buy parts to complete their home-made egg incubator, aquarium/ fish pond, prototype, yoghurt production, automatic water drinking system for rabbit, chicken, quails, pigs, and many more. Do business with us now and start building that idea you have been dreaming about. Mykit!!! Not later, do it now!

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Our competent and dedicated team will guide you through your journey.

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We offer excellent after sales services, project technical support and also premium
services ranging from installation of poultry housing, big farm equipment setup etc and also provides consultancy services in incubator parts, rabbit, pig, quails and poultry farming.

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