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Normal chicken poop 💩

Welcome to my blog. I want to share something i learnt from JIOPLUS INTEGRATED FARMS and FRESH EGGS DAILY

Normal chicken poop can range from all shades of brown, to green, yellow or even black. By monitoring your chickens’ droppings, you can often get an early indication that something is wrong, but be sure to know the range of normal so you don’t overreact to sudden changes.

Chicken droppings are generally some shade of brown and fairly solid in consistency, with a sort of fluffy white cap on top. The solid is fecal matter – the digested and partially digested food – while the white part is the urates/uric acid, or what would otherwise be urine in another animal (or human).

Normal chicken poop

Here are some basic conclusions you can draw when you see abnormal signs poultry droppings:

  1. YELLOW AND FOAMING DROPPING: Early stage of Coccidiosis
  2. DROPPING WITH BLOOD: Coccidiosis
  3. GREENISH DROPPING: Late stage of worms, New Castle Disease, fowl cholera/typhoid. This may be caused feeding your birds with feed that was not dried well or feeding them with a lot of green vegetables if free ranged.
  4. WHITE MILKY RUNNING DROPPING: Worms, Gumboro disease (Infectious Bursal Disease-IBD)
  5. BROWN RUNNING DROPPING: E.coli Infection
  6. BLACK DROPPING: Possibility of internal bleeding or too much of proteins
  7. CLEAR OR WATERING RUNNING DROPPINGS: Infectious Bronchitis or Stress.


  1. COCCIDIOSIS: Toltrazuril base drug.
  2. WORMS: Ivermectin base drugs (this also kills lice)
  3. NEW CASTLE DISEASE (ND or NCD): Lasota Vaccine
  5. FOWL CHOLERA/TYPHOID, INFECTIOUS BRONCHITIS, E.COLI: There are many strong antibiotics that take care of them like pure oxytetracycline (oxytet), Enro, Doxycycline, Erythromycin, etc.
  6. INTERNAL BLEEDING: Stop all antibiotics; place them on vitamins like Vitalyte for 3-5 days. As per too much protein, amend the feed formulation by proper lab analysis or change the feed.
  7. STRESS: It is most likely that you stressed them for one reason or the other like transferring from one place to another. It could be too much heat or lack of water and/or feeds. It could also be unbalanced, unstable or insufficient feed and water. Find out the actual cause and make amends, then place them on multivitamins to compensate.

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