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How to store fertile eggs before incubating them

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Sometimes, you would want to gather fertile eggs over a number of days and start incubating them on the same day. It could be 10days or less, and therefore it is important to know how to store the eggs correctly as you gather them. Below are some important points to note:

Avoid contamination: Before handling or touching the eggs, watch your hands with soap and use hand gloves if possible. Put the eggs in a clean paper box/ carton. Do not re-use this box for another set of eggs. Use a new box when you have to store another set of eggs. Alternatively, store your eggs in a plastic bowl after you have washed the bowl with soap or bleach and dried the bowl. Do not make the container Air-tight

Ensure Correct egg position: position the eggs in a way that the pointed part of the egg goes down. You can wrap the eggs with tissue so that the eggs can stay in position. The egg can stay inclined with it’s pointed part downwards but don’t let the pointed part go upward. If the more rounded end of the egg faces down for a long time, the air cell in the egg may become dislodged and the developing embryo will die.

Turn the eggs twice daily: incline the eggs to the left or right alternatively at least twice daily so that the embryo doesn’t stick to the inner membrane of the egg. Whiles turning, ensure that the pointed part of the egg stays down. You can use marks on the box or container as reference for turning

Store in a cool and dry area: you can keep your eggs in a save area like garage, basement or storeroom. Temperatures between 5 and 32 degrees Celsius are okay. Do not put your eggs in the refrigerator.

Incubate your eggs as soon as possible: preferably, don’t keep your eggs for more than 10days before putting them into the incubator.

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