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Materials needed to make an egg incubator 600 to 1000eggs

Hello, thank you for visiting our MyKit Shop blog. Today we want to talk about the materials you need in order to build an incubator of between 600 to 1000eggs. There are various options you can choose from depending on your budget and the level of automation you want. You can ignore some of the materials if you think you can regulate manually and your budget is low. The materials required are discussed individually below

BODY or BOX: the body of you Incubator has to be well insulated in order to keep heat steady for long. If your box is not well insulated you will spend a lot of money on electricity. If you choose to use plywood then you should line the inside with insulator.

If you want to use an old fridge, my advice is that you should not ignore the exhaust fan

CONTROLLER SELECTION: for 500 to 10,000eggs Incubator, I recommend recommend the XM18 or XM18D or ZL7801D because they can control everything about the incubator. The XM18D is very easy to use. If you are on a low budget and you want to ignore some of the automations then you can consider the smaller controllers listed below: STC1000 controls only the heater and exhaust. STC3028 controls only heater and humidity.

The room thermometer-hygrometer mini product shown above is a device that can be used to measure the humidity and temperature of a space. It uses battery. Note that it does not control, it only reads.

This Incubator is using STC1000 to control the air heater and exhaust fan. It is using timer switch to control the egg Turner and it has the room thermometer-hygrometer mini for measuring the humidity. That means his humidity control is not automatic.

CIRCULATION FAN: your can should be able to air uniformly. I recommend the fan below for 600 to 1000egg Incubator

AIR HEATER: for countries with average weather temperature 24 to 40 degrees Celsius like in Ghana, the 200watts or 300watts heater is okay. Just 1. You can use binding wire to tie the heater to the fan as in the picture below

TURNER SYSTEM: I recommend the chain method turner. There is also One rotational method. Both require timer switch. If you are using XM18 or XM18D then you don’t need to buy timer switch. If you are using STC1000 or STC3028 or W3230 or W3001 then you have to buy timer switch for the turner

If you have to buy timer switch for the CHAIN METHOD then buy TIMER SWITCH NC NO. VIDEO FOR CHAIN METHOD

If you have to buy timer switch for the One rotational method then you should buy SINGLE TIMER. VIDEO FOR 1 ROTATIONAL METHOD



EGG TRAYS: One chicken egg tray takes 88 eggs. So you can buy the quantity you want


IN SUMMARY, for 880eggs Incubator, at least you need to buy the following items from MyKit Shop:

  • Xm18D temperature controller
  • Insulator
  • Turner motor
  • Humidity pan
  • Egg trays- 10pcs
  • Circulation fan
  • Heater- 1pcs
  • Exhaust fan
  • Hatchery basket

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