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Chicken glasses 10pcs

GHS 8.00

Chicken glasses 10pcs

GHS 8.00

This prevents pecking and cannibalism

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Name: Red Rooster glasses
Color: Red
Size: 55 * 26 mm
Material: high quality plastic
Applications: large pheasant, chickens, hens, cockerel, hen
Function to prevent pecking conflict, improve feed utilization, reduce feed costs, lower feed conversion, do not hang nets. Carry for life!

1. Strong anti-peck!
2. wear more simple, without any tools!
(Solve the double beam chicken glasses must use tools when worn puzzle).
3. Repeat using the true sense. With some chicken wearing glasses tool, but when the tool can not be inserted after the chickens grow, leading to not be successfully removed. No glasses hands tied chicken easily removed and reused true! ! !
4. wearing no bleeding, no rotation.
5. The biggest advantage is that do not affect the growth of the comb, so as to solve the influence of dual-beam chicken glasses leads to comb reduce the overall appearance of chicken.

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