Cow horse hoof trimmer

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  • Blade sharp:The knife edge passes through the quenching process, the shearing force is super strong, and the upper and lower clamps are tightly engaged,You can save effort to repair the hooves.
  • Multifunction Pliers:can be used for repair hoof, pull nails or crack nut.
  • Durable and beauty:non-slip handle, easy to operate.
  • Screw to fasten:more convenient and save labor.
  • Letter to customers:When you have any questions, please contact us instantly.We will manage to solve the problem.

Product Description

Name: Multi-purpose hoof trimmers
Size: Length 20cm(7.8″)
Application: Cattle, sheep, horse, etc
MATERIAL:Carbon steel alloy

Packaging Included:
1 x Multi-purpose hoof trimmers

1. The establishment of a regular repair hoof system, the annual spring, autumn season after the whole group of census or after giving birth calves, repair hoof 1-2 times
2. Accurate judgment of the hoof shape, to prevent the over cut – the front hoof length 7.5-8.5 cm, the hoof toe length 8-9 cm, the bottom of the shoe thickness of 5-7 cm
3. As little as possible to cut the inner toe, so that the inner toe as high as possible, so that the two toe keep same level
4. The bottom of the shoe should be inclined to the shaft side, that is, the side of the shaft is more concave, in the second half of the toe, the more close to the toe gap, the slope should be greater
5. For claudication cattle, repair hoofers should first repair the disease hooves, due to limb limping, the weight of the healthy hoof loads will continue.

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