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KING HUMICVET feed supplement

GHS 45.00

KING HUMICVET feed supplement

GHS 45.00

100g SUITABLE FOR ALL ANIMALS including dogs, rabbit, chicken, pig, etc

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*King HumicVet*

1 sachet to 100kg feed
1 sachet to 200 litres of water


1 teaspoon to 8 litres of water

*You can choose to dose their water or feed.*
*Choose one. Don’t dose both at the same time.*

Dosing water is more effective though.


HUMICVET is an all natural organic supplement containing chelated essential minerals and trace elements to enhance health and improve performance of poultry, livestock and other animals.

> Improves health
> Improves performance
> Improves nutrient absorption from feeds
> Growth Promoter
> Boosts immune system
> Reduces foul odor of manure
> Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory
> Organic Meat foods

King Humivet contains 76% Humic Acid and 14% Sodium Humate salt. Why Humic Acid and Sodium Humate?
> Just like King Humus Plus, King Humivet is generally made from humate.
> Humates have been found to treat illnesses and improve health to animals and even to humans.
Benefits of Humate:
> Improves blood by supplying more oxygen, which in result, quickens healing process.
> Improves mineral transfer in the body, which in result, improves better nutrient uptake of the body.
> Reduces stress and fatigue.
> Prevents cellular mutation in animals.
> Stimulates microbial activity of good bacteria in the digestive system of the body.
> Boosts Immune System.
> Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.
> Improves liver health and regeneration.
> Contains detoxifying properties.
> Reduces odor of wastes.
Benefits to Pigs
> Prevents scouring (animal diarrhea)
> Prevents and heals pneumonia
> Faster growth and solves the problem of slow growth of pigs
> Improves milk production of female pigs
> Prevents lameness or weakness
> Improves breeding (Helps in problems of gestation or pregnancy of female pigs)
> Reduces stress
> Improves immune system and fights against diseases or viruses
> Reduces the foul odor of manure
> Meat is lower in fat

Benefits to Chickens and Poultry
>Helps in diseases and health problems like:
–Colds/respiratory problems
–Scouring/watery feces
–Lameness/Leg Weakness
–Soft-shelled eggs
–Slow growth
–Low egg production
–Stress-related diseases
> Reduces foul odor of manure
> Immune system booster
> Faster growth
> Eggs are bigger and thicker

Benefits to Dogs
> Helps in diseases and health problems like:
–Skin diseases
–Scouring/watery feces
–Lameness/Leg Weakness
–Halitosis/Bad breath
–Digestive problems
–Worm infestation in the stomach
–Dry hair coat
–Infertility of female dogs
–Stress-related diseases

Benefits to Goats, Cows and other Ruminants
> Inhibits worm infestation
> Solves mineral deficiency which causes leg weakness and female infertility
> Improves milk production
> Improves appetite for food intake
> Improves growth

How to Use:
As water intake for animals:
> Dilute one teaspoon of King Humivet to one gallon of water.
> Let the animals drink this mixture every day.

As feed supplement:
> Mix one teaspoon of Humicvet for every 4 kilograms of feeds or food of the animals
> Or Mix one sachet of King Humivet to 2 bags or 2 sacks of feeds/food.

Humicvet is an organic supplement for your animal husbandry business!
It surely reduces all your costs from antibiotics and other medicines, while making your meat harvests organic! Amazing!


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