Pregnancy tester detector ultrasound ultrasonic pregnancy tester for pigs and livestock

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InModel: 928006

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue

Size: 158*57*30mm

Power by: 9v battery (battery not included)

Test time: 18-75 days after mating



– Fast: Results in seconds. And test it again after 30 days to confirm the result.

– Safe: All testing is external so there is no harm to the sow or litter.

– Accurate: Proven by thousands of producers.

– Durable: Non-breakable, acid-resistant plastic lasts for years.

– Simple: One-hand operation, use any oil for skin contact, no lights to watch.



1. Before starting to test the sow, prepare an oil that helps to contact, like paraffin oil, vegetable oil, or motor oil.

2. Apply oil to the surface of the probe of the pregnancy detector or spray it on the sow so that the instrument and the sow have a better skin contact.

3. Place the probe on the right side of the sow 2 inches back. (Approximately between the penultimate and third nipples) tested at a 45 degree angle.

4. Every time the probe leaves the measuring point, it must be re-applied and continue testing.

5. Intermittent tone = ”empty sow” Continuous tone = ”pregnancy sow”.

6. When the initial test is no pregnancy, please take a few days (7-10 days) and repeat the test to determine.

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