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Spirulina feed supplement

GHS 35.00

Spirulina feed supplement

GHS 35.00

Spirulina Animal Feed

Our spirulina animal feed improves the well being of farm animals and enriches the end produce with taste, color and vibrant nutrients. Perfect for farmers seeking a more humane solution for improving their farm efficiency and productivity.

This product is suitable for rabbits, catfish, cow, poultry, dogs, and many more. A sachet contains 100 grams of spirulina which can be mix with 100kg of feed. It saves you cost and your animals remain happy

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100g per sachet

1 sachet to 100kg feed
1 sachet to 200 litres of water


1 teaspoon to 8 litres of water

*You can choose to dose their water or feed.*
*Choose one. Don’t dose both at the same time.*

Dosing through water is more effective

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